Back home after the 32C3

Tired but with a big smile on our faces. That’s how we came back from the 32th Chaos Communication Congress at Hamburg.

This was the first time for us and we definitively can say that’s a mind blowing experience. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the organizers for their kindness and effectiveness. As speakers and spectators, the means deployed at organizational and technical levels are stunning.


For the Hardsploit talk, we were particularly impressed by how much you were in the Hall 6, it was a great (and the first) opportunity to present the project. We had a lot of really interesting questions while the Q&A, and talks after it. Your feedbacks are essential for us to improve Hardsploit in ways we did not necessarily considered.

Full talk on the 32C3 website: Here

On Youtube: Here

The slides of the talk: Slides

We’re also uploading the new version of the Hardsploit GUI presented in this talk (v 2.0) in the coming days.

Now it’s time for us to get back to work ! In the meantime, the Hardsploit team wish you a great new year !

Hardsploit VS other hardware hacking tools : a quick review

As a lot of people ask us what is the differences between our tool and X or Y

We create a quick review of Hardsploit’s features VS other (great !) hardware hacking tools. According to our understanding, we propose the following review:

Keep in mind that this list of tools is, of course, not exhaustive.

(Don’t hesitate to contact us if we made some mistakes)

Hardsploit @ 32C3 (Dec 2015)

Opale Security Team will present Hardsploit during the next Chaos Computer Club Congress in Hamburg at this end of december. in the slot dedicated to “Hardware & Making”

Capture d’écran 2015-11-27 à 16.51.39

The 32nd Chaos Communication Congress (32C3) is an annual four-day conference on technology (Security), society and utopia. The Congress offers lectures and workshops and various events on a multitude of topics including (but not limited to) information technology security and generally a critical-creative attitude towards technology and the discussion about the effects of technological advances on society

See you in hamburg for this great security event !


Hardsploit Online Shop is opened : Pre order launch !

We are pleased to announce that the Pre Order Period is opened. Want to be the first security guy with this fantastic hardware security auditing tool?  Don’t hesitate to order one (or more) unit !

Please go to to order (Shop menu)
First delivery is scheduled on 15 of décember 2015 : Be quick : Our stock is limited ! 😉
Hardsploit TeamCapture d’écran 2015-11-23 à 09.11.22

Great Success for @Hardsploit @Blackhat Europe 2015 !

Very cool Session and @Hardsploit demo @Blackhat Europe 2015(Arsenal Session). We would like to thanks everyone that come to see us ! Great to discuss with all of you about our hardware auditing tools. See some photos Below

Julien Moinard (the Hardsploit project leader) have done a very cool demonstration on real Embedded systems


HardsploitArsenalBlackhatEurope2015session-1 HardsploitArsenalBlackhatEurope2015session-2 HardsploitArsenalBlackhatEurope2015session-3

BlackHat Staff in charge of the Arsenal area have asked us to make a second demonstration @Blackhat Europe Tomorrow at 12.00 PM.

Don’t hesitate to come to see us !




Hardsploit demo stands ready for BlackHat Europe 2015

Just in time for Blackhat Europe 2015 !

Stand for Parallel memories dump demo









Stand for scan of I2C Bus, SPI memory dump and Interact with real vulnerable IoT memories demo


Hope airport security controls will accept that type of stuff in an airplane …. !

100 first Hardsploit Boards released !

we are proud to present you the 1st 100 Hardsploit electronic boards : production is over for the 1st batch… COLLECTORS SERIES !



It takes some place…

See you in BlackHat Europe 2015 next week ! ARSENAL Session 🙂

And as you have noticed, we have dedicated Hardsploit Tee-shirts as goodies!

We need to hack our machines to speed up the process !

We need to “hack” our machines to speed up the fabrication process of Hardsploit electronic boards :

That was the duration to produce one board:

  • 5 mn to place the stencil above the electronic board
  • 14 mn by board for the pick & place (component positioning)
  • 10 mn of soldering in the oven
  • +1 hour of debugging electronic boards (due to soldering issues)

We decided to make some improvements : Stencil Dispenser Hacking (physically) !

  • A / Order a larger stencil with smaller holes the goal is to position it in a more precise manner above the board (solder past dispensing improvement !)

Hardsploit Stencil Dispenser Hack 1 lowres

  • B / Add two specifics High Tech wood buttons (;-)) with screws to increase the tension of the stencil to improve solder paste dispensing (stencil positioning improvement !)

Hardsploit Stencil Dispenser Hack 2 lowres

  • C/  Tweak some speed parameters in our M10 pick & Place machine to speed up the process (component placement speed improvement!)


  • 30s to place the stencil above the electronic board
  • 7 mn by boards for the pick & place
  • 10 mn soldering in reflow oven
  • No more or few short circuits issues to debug

Half of afternoon production batch finished, we succeed to improve our process :


 Work continue ! (we have 60 more Hardsploit to finish 😉 )

Hardsploit @ BlackHat Europe 2015 : 12 PM on 11/12/2015 at Station 4 in the Business Hall !



Our presentation time for “Hardsploit: Like Metasploit But For Hardware Hacking” is 12:00:00 PM on 11/12/2015 at Station 4 in the Business Hall !

See you in Amsterdam?

It Begins: Hardsploit Production

We begin the Hardsploit Production : 1st batch of  100 Hardsploit boards 😉

If you want to be on our “Early Adopters List” please send an email to

We received the PCB from our supplier

Hardsploits Board Received

100 Hardsploit boards to be solder soon

100 Hardsploit PCB

Pick & Place machine setup for the 1st 100 batch of Hardsploit (lot of work!)

Pick&place machine setup for Hardsploit 1st 100 board batch

Hardsploit & Opale Security team