Great Success for @Hardsploit @Blackhat Europe 2015 !

Very cool Session and @Hardsploit demo @Blackhat Europe 2015(Arsenal Session). We would like to thanks everyone that come to see us ! Great to discuss with all of you about our hardware auditing tools. See some photos Below

Julien Moinard (the Hardsploit project leader) have done a very cool demonstration on real Embedded systems


HardsploitArsenalBlackhatEurope2015session-1 HardsploitArsenalBlackhatEurope2015session-2 HardsploitArsenalBlackhatEurope2015session-3

BlackHat Staff in charge of the Arsenal area have asked us to make a second demonstration @Blackhat Europe Tomorrow at 12.00 PM.

Don’t hesitate to come to see us !




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