New “Hardware Hacking Training Kit” with Hardsploit !

Hello fellow Hardware Hackers,

It has been a long time since we published news about Hardsploit…but it’s for good reasons !

First, after a long period of sold out we have now pumped up (read industrialized) the creation process. Now end the time of “home made production” in order to improve quality control & quality of service 😉

Then, the modules. It’s a work in progress but Hardsploit will soon support multiplexed parallel memories. Stay tuned !

Finally, as requested by a huge amount of people, we have decided to change the way we sell Hardsploit. You can now buy it as a bundle with the Hardware Hacking Training Kit for IoT !

The bundle is composed of :

  • Hardsploit with the last attacks modules (see features)
  • The GUI, as alway, freely available
  • A training board, a vulnerable IoT we designed
    • It’s a complete vulnerable electronic lock you can use to learn how to audit most of IoT device
    • It’s the same training board we use during our official training in well-knowned security conference as Blackhat USA, BRUCON or HITB Singapore.
  • A training tutorial as a clear and concise pdf file with dozen of exercices
  • USB cable / Wires

The bundle will be sold at 700 € (VAT exluded)

We will open to sell soon . So, first training kits will be send over the beginning of September.

Don’t hesitate to pre order your Hardsploit Training kit by sending an email to,

Payment information: Only wire transfert payment for the moment.


Tutorial content

  • Electronic lock fingerprinting
  • Dumping memories content (with I²C, SPI)
  • Dumping MCU memory (SWD)
  • Electronic bus hacking Hands on

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