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Hardsploit New version of GUI, more functionalities..same hardware

Hello Hardsploit Community, We just pushed a new version of the GUI : 2.4.0  (360 ko) It contains few news functionalities : SPI sniffer UART interaction with Baud rate auto detection Few bug fixes … Installation procedure and It works

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New import (I²C / SPI) feature & create your own Hardsploit VHDL modules

Fellow Hardware Hackers, here are some fresh news about the Hardsploit project ! Hardsploit Talks: As you may have seen, Hardsploit will be presented at: Hack In The Box (HITB) – May 26 2016 10:45 am – 11:45 am – Amsterdam

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Hardsploit Explained : Internal communication overview

As an image could help to understand how “things” work. Please find below a graphic that shows most of HardSploit Internal communications.

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Hardsploit : There’s an app (also) for that ! (update 1)

Because all is not always about PCB, soldering and blinking leds, here is a post with more information about our technological choices concerning the way Harsploit will communicate with higher level layers. You will notice that some choices we’ve made

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