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New “Hardware Hacking Training Kit” with Hardsploit !

Hello fellow Hardware Hackers, It has been a long time since we published news about Hardsploit…but it’s for good reasons ! First, after a long period of sold out we have now pumped up (read industrialized) the creation process. Now

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Want to learn how to use Hardsploit ? Book a seat at next Brucon training (oct 2016)

We have been selected to perform our Hardware Hacking training at next Brucon Sec conf After the Sold Out Training @ Blackhat USA 2016, Opale security is back to Europe for another Hardware hacking training with Hardsploit @ Brucon 2016

Blackhat USA 2016 Opale security Hardware Hacking training with Hardsploit is over !

Please go to for more details and photos  

New batch of Hardsploit boards in progress

Hello, Too much success for the Hardsploit board , we are “out of stock” on the online shop ! Be patient , as our team is working hard to finish the last batch  A lot of PCB received and a lot of

Hardsploit @ next Cansecwest 2016 in Mars 2016

We are proud to announce that we will give a talk at next CansectWest conference in Vancouver (Canada) in March 2016 Hardsploit project : All-In-One Tool for Hardware Security Audit I2C, JTAG, SPI, PARALLEL, UART – Today’s electronic devices, connected or not to

Hardware hacking training with HARDSPLOIT @ Next BlackHat USA 2016 : Book your seat ASAP !

We have been selected to perform our HARDWARE HACKING TRAINING WITH HARDSPLOIT FRAMEWORK at the next BlackHat USA 2016 , at the end of July in Las Vegas Book your seat as soon as possible : Content Tired of watching

Hardsploit related talk at next NullCon 2016 at GOA (india) in Mars 2016

We are proud to announce that Julien Moinard (Hardware Pentester and Hardsploit Project leader at Opale Security) will give a talk at next NullCon conference in Goa (India) in March 2016 Hardsploit Project: An All-In-One Tool for Hardware Security Audits

Hardsploit VS other hardware hacking tools : a quick review

As a lot of people ask us what is the differences between our tool and X or Y We create a quick review of Hardsploit’s features VS other (great !) hardware hacking tools. According to our understanding, we propose the

Hardsploit @ 32C3 (Dec 2015)

Opale Security Team will present Hardsploit during the next Chaos Computer Club Congress in Hamburg at this end of december. in the slot dedicated to “Hardware & Making” The 32nd Chaos Communication Congress (32C3) is an annual four-day conference on technology (Security), society

Hardsploit Online Shop is opened : Pre order launch !

We are pleased to announce that the Pre Order Period is opened. Want to be the first security guy with this fantastic hardware security auditing tool?  Don’t hesitate to order one (or more) unit ! Please go to to order (Shop menu)