Want to learn how to use Hardsploit ? Book a seat at next Brucon training (oct 2016)

Capture d’écran 2016-08-11 à 14.16.28

We have been selected to perform our Hardware Hacking training at next Brucon Sec conf

After the Sold Out Training @ Blackhat USA 2016, Opale security is back to Europe for another Hardware hacking training with Hardsploit @ Brucon 2016 in October !

With a Capture The Flag “hands on” dedicated included : Capture the Drone with style… 😉

More information : https://www.opale-security.com/opale-security-training-at-next-brucon-2016-hardware-hacking-for-fun-profit-with-hardsploit-book-your-seat-asap/



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