We will soon released our set of fantastic features to simplify most of security audit of embedded devices and Internet of Things stuff…stay tuned…For now, here is the roadmap

Hardware features

  • All-in-one tool dedicated for Hardware Hacking
  • 64 I/O channels with ESD protection
  • Adjustable target voltage for level translation: 3,3V & 5V
  • FPGA Cyclone II for versatile and powerful electronic hardware hacking modules
  • USB interface for direct connection to GUI
  • Easy-to-use GUI

Version Alpha (June 2015)

  • [DONE]Low level API (USB connection, Firmware & Module to upload function)
  • [DONE] Hardsploit PCB Board Prototype
  • [DONE] SPI Hardsploit module
  • [DONE] I2C Hardsploit module
  • [DONE] Memory dumping Module
  • [DONE] Central Framework core
  • [DONE] GUI in beta version

Version 1  (October 2015)

  • [DONE] I2C 100Khz 400Khz and1 Mhz (addresses scan, read, write, automatic full and partial dump)
  • [DONE] SPI mode 0,1,2,3 up to 25 Mhz (read, write, automatic full and partial dump)
  • [DONE] Parallel non multiplex memory dump (32 bits for address, 8/16 bits for data)
  • [DONE] Helping wiring (a schematic on GUI and 64 leds to help you to put wires in the good way)
  • [DONE] Easy-to-use GUI to simplify interaction with targeted Hardware (dump SPI and I2C with about 3 clicks)

Version 2 (Q1 2016)

  • [DONE] Create your own custom VHDL Hardsploit module (with “Hello World” example)
  • [DONE] I2C Import
  • [DONE] SPI Import
  • [DONE] Interface redesign for the new module
  • [DONE] SWD interface for dump and write firmware with STM32F10
  • [DONE] GPIO interact (Low speed  read & write operation on 64 bits available in the API)
  • [DONE] SPI sniffing (shot of 8000 bytes up to 25 Mhz in half duplex mode or a shot of 4000 bytes in full duplex mode)
  • [IN BETA] NRF24L01 support (by SPI)
  • [IN BETA] SWD pinout finder
  • [IN BETA] UART Module (TTL) with speed detection
  • [IN PROGRESS] Component modeling sharing platform
  • [IN PROGRESS] Automatic hardware bus detection (auto-wiring, jtagulator & nmap-like but for hardware) & hardware scanner (auto-dump / interract)
  • [IN PROGRESS] Parallel communication with multiplexed memory
  •  I2C sniffing (shot of 4000 bytes up to 1 Mhz)
  • Level shifter RS232 available on Hardsploit store
  • Modbus Module (TTL)
  • Level shifter RS485 available on Hardsploit store
  • RF Wireless transmission : training platform for SDR (GNU Radio)

Version 3 (Q2 2016)

  • JTAG pinout finder
  • I2C, SPI sniffing (extended version with more RAM with external module)
  • OneWire module
  • CAN BUS interface

Version 4  (Q3 2016)

  • Professional trainings that will be held in best of bred international security conferences
  • More than one communication module in the same time (possibility of use SPI and I2C in the same time for example, SWD with UART etc)
  • JTAG Advance interface
  • Data analysis