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Great Success for @Hardsploit @Blackhat Europe 2015 !

Very cool Session and @Hardsploit demo @Blackhat Europe 2015(Arsenal Session). We would like to thanks everyone that come to see us ! Great to discuss with all of you about our hardware auditing tools. See some photos Below Julien Moinard (the Hardsploit project

Hardsploit demo stands ready for BlackHat Europe 2015

Just in time for Blackhat Europe 2015 ! Stand for Parallel memories dump demo               Stand for scan of I2C Bus, SPI memory dump and Interact with real vulnerable IoT memories demo Hope airport security controls

100 first Hardsploit Boards released !

we are proud to present you the 1st 100 Hardsploit electronic boards : production is over for the 1st batch… COLLECTORS SERIES !   It takes some place… See you in BlackHat Europe 2015 next week ! ARSENAL Session 🙂 And

We need to hack our machines to speed up the process !

We need to “hack” our machines to speed up the fabrication process of Hardsploit electronic boards : That was the duration to produce one board: 5 mn to place the stencil above the electronic board 14 mn by board for the

Hardsploit @ BlackHat Europe 2015 : 12 PM on 11/12/2015 at Station 4 in the Business Hall !

HARDSPLOIT: LIKE METASPLOIT BUT FOR HARDWARE HACKING  Our presentation time for “Hardsploit: Like Metasploit But For Hardware Hacking” is 12:00:00 PM on 11/12/2015 at Station 4 in the Business Hall ! See you in Amsterdam?

HardSploit Indiegogo CrowdFunding Campaign starts now !

Our CrowdFunding Campaign for HardSploit project is started. We will appreciated your help 😉