New import (I²C / SPI) feature & create your own Hardsploit VHDL modules

Fellow Hardware Hackers, here are some fresh news about the Hardsploit project !

Hardsploit Talks:

As you may have seen, Hardsploit will be presented at:

  • Hack In The Box (HITB) – May 26 2016 10:45 am – 11:45 am – Amsterdam
  • NullCon – 11 / 12th March 2016 – Goa
  • (TRAINING) BlackHat – July 30 / 31 & August 1 / 2 – Mandala Bay / Las Vegas

It’s a good opportunity for us to meet the community and talk about Hardsploit or security in general. Don’t hesitate to catch us at these events !

Hardsploit update:

  • API / GUI

We have updated Hardsploit to add a new bus interaction: Import (I²C / SPI). You can now import the content of a file directly on your I²C or SPI targets, it’s easy as the export action.

We also have implemented a progress bar for the import / export actions to let you now when Hardsploit complete the task (and how long did it take)

The documentation is updated to include the new GUI (that was presented end of december) and this new import actions

If you find any bugs using it (we hope not of course 😉 ) you can alert us on the bug tracker or on github

  • Create your own Hardsploit VHDL modules

A feature that many of you asked for is live ! You have now the possibility to upload your own VHDL module in the Hardsploit FPGA. You can use the given template available on the Github we advise you to take a look at the readme to understand how it works. For any question related to this template contact us here.


  • Roadmap

We have updated the roadmap you can find it here, as always.

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